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Follow your authentic voice for ultimate fulfillment

It sounds awfully spiritual, but not to worry, it is quite practical if you sense into it. Do you know these situations where you tell yourself ‘today I’m going to bed on time!’ and end up staying up late again? Everybody has such situations where you say you are going to do one thing, and you know this one thing is the best thing to do and still you don’t do it. It’s like the moment the clock strikes

Optimizing Self Love, the key to inner peace

As you can read in the article 'Self-love Investigated' you always act from a place of love for yourself. Every action is to help you forth... just how efficient are those ways of self-love? Why is it so difficult to look at ourselves with a confident and accepting smile? And where do the ineffective ways of self-love originate from? Childhood As a child we copy everything. We copy what we saw our parents do, our teachers told us and

Self love investigated

Why ‘love yourself’ is B.S. advice Many times you hear teachers, coaches, therapists say ‘You’ve just got to love yourself’. It seems to be the answer to all questions about inner-peace, experiencing love, autonomy etc… It sounds logical. More self-love, more inner peace and less love needed from other people around you, resulting in a self-serving inner system of loving and being loved. But have you ever tried to love something that you dislike? It's impossible! You've got these

Other people…

What if what other people think about you is non of your concern?  If another person looks at you, he doesn't see YOU. He sees the image of you, he sees his interpretation of you. He sees the picture in his mind of you. The way you look or talk to him might resemble the way one of his parents, his ex, the bullies at school or who ever looked and talked to him... Your appearance in his life

Peace in abundance

Peace is present in abundance right here and now. All is in peace, the walls, the ground, furniture, curtains, the chair you sit on, the plants, trees, animals outside... everything is in peace, lives in peace, stillness and harmony. In many people there is a discrepancy between life as it truly is and their experience of life. The experience of life often contains a lot of drama and fear. This fear settles in the body as tension. This tension

Dance with life’s ups and downs

Gedane zaken zijn gedane zaken en nemen geen keer... alles wat in het verleden ligt kan niet meer worden veranderd. Wat kun je ervan leren? En verder, als je merkt dat je het niet achter je kan laten ben je er klaarblijkelijk nog niet klaar mee, zijn er emoties die doorleefd willen worden. Zie het als emoties van schrik, angst, schaamte etc die in de wachtkamer zijn gezet omdat ze toen te overweldigend waren of er niet mochten zijn.

Volkskrant: 17 % in de burn-out gevarenzone!

TNO heeft onderzoek gedaan naar de ontwikkeling van stress in onze samenleving. In 2016 was dit nog 16 procent, in 2018 is dit percentage aan mensen die in de gevarenzone zitten, gestegen tot 17 procent. Hieronder het artikel in de Volkskrant: Regelmatig ‘emotioneel uitgeput’: het overkomt zo’n een op de drie werkenden Het blijft zorgwekkend: ook uit de nieuwste werknemersenquête van TNO en CBS blijkt dat steeds meer werknemers met regelmaat emotioneel uitgeput zijn van hun werk. In 2018

Don’t fight your suffering, investigate!

Als je ongemakken in je lichaam voelt, stress, zwaarmoedigheid, in plaats van ertegen te vechten, ga op onderzoek uit! Wat vertel ik mezelf over mezelf, over m'n levenssituatie of over de wereld om me heen waardoor dit gevoel verschijnt? Het enige bestaande moment, het kale hier en nu dus, geeft geen aanleiding voor drama. Hooguit vraagt het om actie. Stel jezelf de vraag: hoe interpreteer ik de situatie en creëer ik hiermee mijn eigen lijden? En welke alternatieve interpretatie

Changing your focus means changing your life

Play with these two questions… gratitude changes your relationship with life… instead of a ‘no’ or a ‘maybe’ the attitude of ‘Yes’ is cultivated. Yes to life as it is, Yes to you as you are right now, Yes to that which is already right here for you to enjoy. Start small, for example being happy about the sunshine, being happy about the bus that is on time, being happy, saying Yes to your healthy lunch, saying Yes to

Let what comes come, let what goes go

Relax with all the clouds that pass through the sky within... What happens if you let whatever comes come, whatever goes go? Many will say, if you don't fight your heavy feelings, they will keep coming...What if it is exactly the other way around? What if by fighting them you give them more energy, more power, more truth... That which you focus your attention on grows. What if you just let the little voice talk and the emotions flow? Be

Empower you spirit

Become aware of the environment you live in and the vibe you get from the people in that environment. Especially if you are in need of light, strength and positive transformation, become critical of the people you spend your days with. Are they inspiring you to change for the better, are they supporting your shift to a higher vibration or do they keep you where you are, or worse, do they lower your vibration? Be loyal to yourself and to

The role of ‘the other’

How do you see others? And who do you spend most energy on, the people which are doing things not to your liking, or do you focus your attention and energy on those that inspire you, ignite love inside and support you on your path to freedom and peace?

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