Changing your focus means changing your life

Play with these two questions… gratitude changes your relationship with life… instead of a ‘no’ or a ‘maybe’ the attitude of ‘Yes’ is cultivated. Yes to life as it is, Yes to you as you are right now, Yes to that which is already right here for you to enjoy. Start small, for example being happy about the sunshine, being happy about the bus that is on time, being happy, saying Yes to your healthy lunch, saying Yes to the waiter, taking you order and bringing your food etc etc… What can I be happy for?

And open up to experiences that give you the opportunity to learn. Grab the opportunity to grow from your experiences, the good and the bad… and with that extra wisdom, bring more into your life that you love, that matches your higher vibration and makes you feel alive. Saying Yes will become easier and easier and your vibration will rise and rise…


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