How to be with the river of life?

The river of life is what we get, what we receive in the time that we are here. We receive a body with preferences, talents, construction… a body that loves pear ice cream and doesn’t like bitter lemon. We receive a mind, a character, with interpretations of life, of existence, the environment and the self.

The light of consciousness shows us the reality clearer and clearer. Show us how the river of life flows through our bodies and beyond. The mind shows us opinions about this, lets us interact with the river of life and lets us experience resistance, resistance to God’s creation, resistance to creation as we receive it. The river of life shows us what it’s like to live in opposition to what is. We can choose not to face reality and to stick to the created image in the mind. After all, we are God and we are free to resist what is. The reality remains as it is, after all there is nothing else and it continues to invite us to let go of the resistance when we are ready and let the life energy flow again as it wants to flow, to flow as it comes to us.

Reality has no right or wrong, knows no justice, has no compassion. The reality is just as it is. It’s up to the divinity in yourself to accept the invitation to open yourself to reality as it is and to flow with the river of life, to release the life energy that wants to flow through your body. Opinions in the mind are life energy as well and are already fully allowed, after all they are happening as we speak.

And there is the invitation to let everything be and give it the space to flow. To respond constructively to the inevitabilities of creation and to flow with it, respectful of the only reality there is, reaping the fruits of the abundance that the river offers us and humbling to the lessons of life that bring us closer to the happiness that we long for … Namaste