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How to be with the river of life

How to be with the river of life? The river of life is what we get, what we receive in the time that we are here. We receive a body with preferences, talents, construction... a body that loves pear ice cream and doesn't like bitter lemon. We receive a mind, a character, with interpretations of life, of existence, the environment and the self. The light of consciousness shows us the reality clearer and clearer. Show us how the river of

Here and Now

Where do you find your sense of reality? Is it in the mind, the chatter in your head or in the one existing moment, here and now? Thoughts can be brutal. By seeing they are not real and bringing your attention to what does happen right here and now (the only true moment existing) brings you relaxation, balances and keeps you grounded in peace. Enjoy your day people!

Right, Wrong and the Yes inside

Decision making coming from the 'should/ shouldn't' or ' right/ wrong' paradigm is a decision coming from bondage and conflict. It's what we learned at kids, 'I shouldn't eat a cookie, although I want to'. There is a conflict between what you want and what you should be doing. Decision making coming from a deeper level, coming from inside the body, the Yes and No that are felt there, leads you to more inner strength, more autonomy and to

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