Peace is present in abundance right here and now. All is in peace, the walls, the ground, furniture, curtains, the chair you sit on, the plants, trees, animals outside… everything is in peace, lives in peace, stillness and harmony.

In many people there is a discrepancy between life as it truly is and their experience of life. The experience of life often contains a lot of drama and fear. This fear settles in the body as tension. This tension is resistance to the believed fearful life projected through the mind. All the while there is peace when we look out.

The only thing that can convince us there is no peace is our mind. Our mind is a defense mechanism, a tool that comes with this body to keep it safe and alive. Because our minds are our defense mechanism against potential harm, it continuously warns us for potential danger. It does so by introducing thoughts (judgments and convictions), picked up in our childhood, from teachers, the church, media, parents, peers etc.

The mind is a wonderful tool to prepare for future events. If you are going away on a trip, your mind shows you a picture of rainy days, which reminds you to bring an umbrella. It shows you a picture of sunny days, which reminds you to bring sun block and your sun glasses. This is where the mind is functional and supportive of a wonderful life.

When we focus too much on the mind, trouble starts! If we believe the pictures in our mind to be real, trouble starts. If we make conclusions about life and ourselves looking at the mind, trouble starts. Too much focus on thoughts and too little focus on our own essence and our direct environment, creates a picture of life which is scary, fearful, violent and dangerous. Flip on the TV and see the dramatic mind in action. TV is a drama queen and so is our mind. Drama, problems, danger and conflict seem to be ruling the world… All the while there is peace right here and now… All is fine…

This fear manifests in the body as tension. This tension is the counterpart of the minds fear related convictions about life and ourselves.

The tension is not related to life here and now, but related to thoughts, coming from past experiences and what people have convinced us of. Also the traumas of past generations have been programmed in our bodies. Scientific research shows that their traumas are given through to us via the DNA in the cells of our bodies.

The journey to inner peace is from mind induced fear hypnosis to the experience of life from the peace that is already here and that you already in essence are. This essence from where you are looking from is peace, love, stillness and silence. Recognize the silence that is here and recognize how the mind misleads you by coloring your existence. Realizing you are being mislead by the mind is waking up. You wake up to the peace that is already here, you wake up to see all is safe, you wake up to see you are looking from peace and silence already.

Witness life directly via the senses and see the peace that is here… The mind is handy for survival, but it sucks when it comes to presenting the truth about life.

Meditation, mindfulness exercises, bodywork and journeying with psychedelics are instruments to wake up from the hypnosis of the mind and wake up to the safety and peace that is right here for you to enjoy. The whole universe is lovingly waiting for you to wake up and see this truth …