Decision making coming from the ‘should/ shouldn’t’ or ‘ right/ wrong’ paradigm is a decision coming from bondage and conflict. It’s what we learned at kids, ‘I shouldn’t eat a cookie, although I want to’. There is a conflict between what you want and what you should be doing. Decision making coming from a deeper level, coming from inside the body, the Yes and No that are felt there, leads you to more inner strength, more autonomy and to act in line with your highest truth.

Let’s say you want to loose weight. Do you resist taking the cookie because you shouldn’t. (feel the conflict inside). The first couple of times you’ll be able to resist, after a while you will not anymore.
Or do you focus on the reason WHY you want to loose weight? The strength and enthousiasm for a healthy happy life in a fit body has a full Yes inside and this is from where you decide to act in accordance and decide to leave the cookies where they are. Their temporary gratification is simply to insignificant to the beautiful goals you have and the bright path towards your goals. Decisions become more logical, functional and sustainable.