About Strong Millennials

Strong Millennials is an initiative that arose from my own experiences with depression in my puberty and the years after. I have tried many different methods and therapies to deal with it. I am 42 years old now, I feel energetic, calm and in balance, I have learned a lot over time and have undergone quite a development.

In 2013, as a certified Rebalancer, I set up my own practice, in which I have already helped many people with the blockades, which prevented them from being happy. I have combined the most powerful instruments of the collection of methodologies that I have been acquainted with over the years and have created a holistic, all-encompassing form of therapy. Talking is only a small part of it. Real healing is done through direct experience and by making concrete changes in life. Seeing what’s true and creating a new perspective on yourself and life in line with truth, dealing constructively with setbacks and learning new habits are necessary for lasting positive development.

Key elements of the therapy

  • As much high frequency input as possible. Your body and mind together are a holistic system. It is very important to keep the system clean. A nice new ‘normal situation’ arises from taking good care of yourself. Think of healthy food, drinking enough, exercising enough, pleasurable and inspiring activities, constructive people around you, information media etc …
  • You build a new positive relationship with your body. Feel and listen to your body
  • You start realizing again who you are in essence beyond your self-image
  • You dare to live in line with the Yes and No you feel in your body; back in touch with your natural strength and inspiration. Learn more and more to trust your body as a guide to happiness and relaxation.


My lifelong passion lies in the field of self-realization, high frequency, healthy balance and helping young adults with their challenges. This fascination is a natural part of my life and this is the basis from which I work.

I wish everyone a beautiful life full of love, fun, self-confidence, adventure and good health. My intention is to help as many people as possible in a practical and accessible way with their own journey to happiness and good health. Such that they can then inspire others again.

Professional Training & Experience

Training & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Rebalancing ® – training to become a rebalancing therapist at Stichting rebalancing in Ede from 2010 to 2013
  • Avatar ® Training – training to become an avatar therapist tought by Avatar Masters Jeanine van Dooren and Barbara van Rooyen at the 2014
  • Rebalancing Advanced 1. by Nishant Matthews in Amsterdam in 2014
  • Rebalancing Advanced 2. by Nishant Matthews in Amsterdam in 2014
  • Workshop The quest for the Meaning of love – by Jan den Boer in Rotterdam in 2013
  • Weekend Intensive from Adyashanti in Elspeet in 2011
  • Satsang evening of Adyashanti in Amsterdam in 2011
  • Meditation Week Being nothing at Life Force Fitness in Amersfoort in 2010
  • Satori Active Meditation Week at Life Force Fitness in Amersfoort in 2009
  • Rebirth Week at Life Force Fitness in Amersfoort in 2009
  • Three days meditation: passion, expression and silence at Life Force Fitness in Amersfoort in 2009
  • 50 + Rebalancing sessions received from various rebalancers
  • Ayahuascaweekens at Casa da Luz in the 2017 & 2018
  • In seclusion in the jungle with various plant medications, Santuario healing Center, Peru in 2018 (2.5 months)
  • In seclusion in the jungle with various plant medications, Sinchi Runa, Peru in 2018 (2 months)

Professional experience as a therapist:

  • 300 + rebalancing, self-examination and coaching sessions
  • Supervising eight weekends Course in the art of life at Life Force Fitness in Amersfoort in 2014-2015
  • Guiding meditation week Who experiences at Life Force Fitness in Amersfoort in 2014
  • Guiding meditation week Who experiences at Life Force Fitness in Amersfoort in 2015
  • Facilitating the Training Soft skills at Atos Consulting in Utrecht in 2013


Company Info:

Strong Millennials
ASN Bank: NL11 ASNB 0910 5606 25 ; name: S.J.P. Ruigrok
KvK Number: 60262613
Member of the Professional association PRN, Platform Rebalancing Nederland