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Experiences with the sessions

Lotte about her rebalancing sessions:

“What a wonderful way to get into the body and communicate with this! After a number of sessions, I feel a particular progress and shift in awareness in relation to my body. During difficult or exciting situations I am much more balanced and calmer and now I can really make contact with my body and soul. I feel happier and feel I can move more naturally with life. Sebastiaan is also a great Rebalancer. He is sincere, calm, warm, involved and very pleasant in his communication. He asks the right questions and uses a nice pace during the sessions. “

Daniële about her rebalancing sessions:

“When I went to Sebastiaan for a rebalancing session the first time I had no idea what to expect. Even though I had read about it beforehand, I had no idea what this would do to me.

We started a self-inquiry, sitting upright with eyes closed and feet on the ground. Sebastiaan then quietly asked some questions. I noticed that I became quiet and relaxed. Then we went on the massage table. Only when Sebastiaan massaged me in a calm manner and asked me the right questions, I noticed what it did to me. I started to listen to my body and emotions started to show. By regaining contact with my body I seem to become more powerful. Furthermore especially my hips and legs were getting more relaxed. Very nice!

Everything happened at my own pace. I also experience this as very pleasant.

After a session I am relaxed and I feel calm. “


Nico about his rebalancing sessions:

“At this time I’ve had four rebalancing treatments from Sebastiaan.

What is really good is Sebastiaans empathy, his patience to ask, his “inertia” of massaging, which gives my body the opportunity to ‘ reset’ time and time again. This is a special feeling. It is as if first ‘the muscle tension cracks open’, followed by relaxation of the muscles and the body.

Also his way of inquiry, questions about the pain and what that pain actually means is good. I experience this as very caring and simultaneously this way of questioning as one of the most important features of the rebalancing massage for me.

In this way, rebalancing is a method, which made me aware of the value of caring for my body. My body responds very positively to the sessions. In short… amazing… “


Chanesa about her self-inquiry sessions:

“I have experienced the sessions with you as very pleasant and I have a different look at life now.

The first session I was a little scary. This is because of feelings and memories that I had tucked far away, which were coming up again. But after you taught me how to allow them, how to deal with them and how to remain firmly on my feet, I now experience it all differently. This very evening I slept well for the first time in a long time.

In the second session it went much more smoothly to go back to all the negative things I had tucked far away. Not necessarily less painful but I learned from you to allow the pain and grief related to less pleasant things that happened.

During the third session I learned to appreciate the the little things that earlier didn’t seem important in life. It made me feel peaceful inside. Of course I am still not finished but I am sure that with what I have already learned and how I am now in life that when I am finished I will be a very different person, and will not linger in the negative anymore.

I enjoy every day a lot more now, I appreciate the smallest things in my life and feel a lot happier.

Sebastiaan, this is my experience until now and I am sure that when we are finished, I will be the happiest woman on Earth. Thank you for having given me a different look at life. I’ll make an appointment with you again soon.

Greetings Chanesa”


Sophie about her rebalancing session:

“It was a nice and strong experience during the rebalancing session last Sunday in Leiden.
Crazy how two calm and sturdy hands under one shoulder bring so much warmth, strength, confidence. I felt invited to surrender, and every now and again I succeeded. As if my batteries were charged, my body got more space.

To mentally focus my breathing at the place where the hands did their work was something to get used to. At the area of my chest it didn’t work so well. That was educational. I feel invited to work on this area more intensely. Is this because my heart has suffered a lot over the last few months?

The glorious September sun rays felt like an endorsement, an encouragement by something that transcends me.

Thanks Sebastiaan! “


Annemieke about her rebalancing sessions:

“My body proved to be able to tell me a lot about what is not going well in my life.” I found this to be a nice fact: that this information is there and that you have to learn to listen to it.

Because of the massage, my lower legs, which were very cramped, were increasingly relaxed and at the same time all kinds of emotions were released.

I was delighted that Sebastiaan asked me for feedback regularly so that I could determine my own pace.

After the session I felt deeply relaxed, as after a massage but also inside. I can recommend it to everyone. “


Agheet about her sessions:

“How one can lock up and hold herself captive in the emotion eating, with the consequence….. overweight.” Sebastiaan, by your accepting and inspiring approach proves that I can do something about it anyway!

It was a good move from me as an emotion eater and champion JoJo… You guide me in a retaining yet light way, so I can look at my emotional eating habits. Thanks to the instruments you gave me, I can really choose to do something about it. So I started to develop a better and healthier diet. Thank you!!!!! Agheet “

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