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Life as a young adult brings with it many challenges, especially when melancholy, anxiety and depression mark your daily life. Despite the sometimes seemingly hopelessness, fortunately powerful tools are available that can help you. Strong Millennials is therefore about rediscovering your own strength, authenticity and love for life and for yourself.

The Strong Millennials approach is holistic in nature. We go back to the basics of here and now and get started with body, mind and soul. We are going to inquire who you really are beyond all judgments and your self-image. I invite you to reconnect with your body and with the natural healing qualities of the body and we take a close look at your limiting beliefs to determine their true value.

Through this comprehensive approach you will return to direct contact with yourself simply as you are, you will start relying on the wisdom of your own body again and you will come back to healthy balance, rest and strength!

Feel free to look around, below are the links to the different forms of therapy and if you have any questions, let me know …


The Strong Millennials plan

Body frequency

This plan is based on the science that the body is an energetic system and vibrates at a certain frequency. Your state of being, the emerging thoughts and associated emotions belong to a certain frequency (see below). Fortunately you can affect this frequency. By changing practical matters in your life on the one hand and by letting go of low-frequency convictions (such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can not do it’) and emotional charges on the other hand, you wil start to feel better, become more energetic and experience more love and strength.

From low to high frequency

Increasing your frequency is done by aligning everything in your life so that your body can do nothing but raise its frequency. We will look at different practical aspects of your life that you can change in favor of a higher frequency. Furthermore, we will focus on creating an inspirational vision of the future and release those mental beliefs and emotions which are keeping you in low frequency. We will do this by means of one or more of the therapy forms below, looking at what is most suitable for your situation.

Client Experiences

Lotte about her rebalancing sessions:

“What a wonderful way to get into the body and communicate with this! After a number of sessions, I feel a particular progress and shift in awareness in relation to my body. During difficult or exciting situations I am much more balanced and calmer and now I can really make contact with my body and soul. I feel happier and feel I can move more naturally with life. Sebastiaan is also a great Rebalancer. He is sincere, calm, warm, involved and very pleasant in his communication. He asks the right questions and uses a nice pace during the sessions. ”

Daniële about her rebalancing sessions:

“When I went to Sebastiaan for a rebalancing session the first time I had no idea what to expect. Even though I had read about it beforehand, I had no idea what this would do to me.

We started a self-inquiry, sitting upright with eyes closed and feet on the ground. Sebastiaan then quietly asked some questions. I noticed that I became quiet and relaxed. Then we went on the massage table. Only when Sebastiaan massaged me in a calm manner and asked me the right questions, I noticed what it did to me. I started to listen to my body and emotions started to show. By regaining contact with my body I seem to become more powerful. Furthermore especially my hips and legs were getting more relaxed. Very nice!

Everything happened at my own pace. I also experience this as very pleasant.

After a session I am relaxed and I feel calm. ”

Nico about his rebalancing sessions:

“At this time I’ve had four rebalancing treatments from Sebastiaan.

What is really good is Sebastiaans empathy, his patience to ask, his “inertia” of massaging, which gives my body the opportunity to ‘ reset’ time and time again. This is a special feeling. It is as if first ‘the muscle tension cracks open’, followed by relaxation of the muscles and the body.

Also his way of inquiry, questions about the pain and what that pain actually means is good. I experience this as very caring and simultaneously this way of questioning as one of the most important features of the rebalancing massage for me.

In this way, rebalancing is a method, which made me aware of the value of caring for my body. My body responds very positively to the sessions. In short… amazing… ”

Read more about client experiences



A powerful body-oriented methodology to get back in touch with your body and to become more relaxt, stronger and more authentic again.


Self Inquiry

Self-study is a powerful method for solving themes that no longer serve your happiness. This is done through a guided meditation.


Consciousness traveling

Through this method you get more insight into themes that are hidden in the subconscious and hold you back from living a happy life. Insight and release bring you relaxation and confidence again.


Nature Walks

Nature has proven to have a healing effect on our mental. During a therapeutic nature walk we will work on the issues holding you back from inner peace.



In addition to one-on-one sessions, events are also organized. Sign up for the newsletter to keep on top of what is coming.

From distress to inner balance

Tight deadlines at work, an active social life, full agendas… We are busy beings… A nice life, but if you’re not careful slowly but surely your battery will run dry. If you ask too much of yourself for too long, issues can occur such as restlessness, fatigue, depression, burnout and physical problems.

Fortunately, there is always a way back to natural balance! How? Discover your essence as silence and space and learn to listen to your body again, make contact with the silence, the endless tranquility that houses deep inside your body. Regain your inner strength and act with confidence in line with your boundaries and with respect to yourself. Follow the path back to inner peace, authenticity, trust, home in your own body. Step by step at the pace in line with that of your body…

Home in your body

The transformation towards relaxation, autonomy, authenticity and inner strength is about surrendering to what happens in the body. The primary choice is every time: do I go against my nature from the idea that what I think is more important than what I feel in my body, or do I surrender to what is whispered to me when I go in with my attention?

Working against your nature brings tension, pain, lethargy, gravity and depression. Living In harmony with your deepest truth, brings you peace, trust, power, love and an overall sense of lightness, cheerfulness and well-being.

Your body is a great tool and tells you exactly what you need to do for a relaxing and healthy life! While the thoughts in your mind can be unnecessarily complicated, your body is clear, simple and honest.

This fundamental awareness is the beginning of healing, the beginning of a wonderful transformation towards carefree, relaxed and fine life!

-Being faithful to yourself is the greatest gift you can bestow on yourself- 

The 12 golden Tips for more inner strength

When you are chronically tired and/or have burnout symptoms, the following tips will help you recover your balance and your inner strength.

1. Learn to listen to your body and act from your intuition

Your body exactly indicates what is right for you. Learn to listen to these subtle intuitive impulses. The pelvis, your base, plays a major role in this. As your body indicates that you have to go to the toilet, it also indicates when it is time to go to bed, to leave a party, to pick up a challenge, to stay in a relationship or to leave. As soon as you are more aware of these subtle messages, you can also live more in line with these messages coming from your body.

2.  Choose a lifestyle that really suits you

People tent to lose themselves in ideal images. However, this image does not always fit who you actually are as a person. For example, you think happiness comes when  you have financial security and social confirmation via a job as a lawyer. The idea is that it earns a lot of cash and has a particular status. Nothing wrong with that profession as such, but check for yourself if this path makes you happy and fits your personality. Again, your body tells you exactly what’s good for you.  Always follow your heart, because then you will feel empowered and at home in your body.

3. Allow yourself to have a shitty day

Sometimes things go well, sometimes things don’t. It’s life, sometimes things go differently than expected, you feel depressed, angry, sad, fragile. Allow yourself down time, be kind to yourself and give yourself full space to feel bad for a while. Release it, don’t fight a bad mood. It is not a problem, it is life as it is. If you let it be what it is, by giving it space instead of suppressing it, it is over before you know it. Be inspired by young children, they fall, pain, ouch, crying as if the world is going to end and before you know it, they are back on their feet and continue playing.

4. Take your problems seriously

If you have physical, psychological, emotional or financial problems, take action. Take good care of yourself, seek help if needed and take yourself, your health and your happiness seriously. Work on the things that require attention and that are holding you back from experiencing happiness. Go for a high quality life.

5. Celebrate your victories

Take your time and pay attention to what has gone well. Your successes, your progress, the difficult decisions and steps you have taken. Don’t be too modest. Your system is based on reward. Reward yourself for small and big successes. You will see that you are becoming more motivated to do more.

6. Develop a winning mindset

Imagine that one of your heroes, a winner in your perception, is standing in your shoes. Oprah, Richard Branson, Tony Robins, or whoever inspires you. Feel how that person feels. What is his/her attitude to the world and to him/herself? What choices does he or she make? What is important and what is unimportant? Feel the abundance, the self-confidence, the peace, the strength, the certainty and positive energy! Let yourself be inspired on a regular basis and let it become your own daily reality.

7. Surround yourself with positive people in positive environments

Choose an environment, job, friends, partner and leisure activities that empower you and influence you positively. The impulses you daily get determine your outlook on life and on yourself. Active, positive and solution-oriented people motivate you to adopt the same attitude. People who appreciate you give you a positive feeling about yourself, positive messages from the world give you a hopeful view of the world. Positive friends, who are good at creating a beautiful life for themselves, give you strength and inspiration. Keep your system clean.

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

Mahatma Gandhi

Manage your environment consciously.

8. Regularly be grateful for the beautiful things in your life

You can interpret life in a thousand and one ways. It’s a free choice. I suggest gratitude. Gratitude induces a positive open relationship with yourself, your environment and your situation. The more you focus on your riches, the beautiful things in your life and cultivate a grateful attitude towards those things, the more your view of yourself and the world wil change for the better too. Make it a daily practice to thank life/ God for what you receive. This brings strength, serenity and joy of life.

9. Keep your body in good condition

The condition of your body is of great influence on your energy level, inner strength and feeling of happiness. Exercise regularly, eat healthy and take necessary rests. Create circumstances that promote this active behavior, for example you sign in for a sports event you need to train for or work out together with somebody else. Furthermore reserve time to rest, to recharge your body.

10. Take good care of yourself and give yourself the best

Treat yourself like you treat your best friend. Self love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself as you are is the key to rest, stability and inner strength. By actively caring for yourself and to feel what this does for you, promotes compassion for yourself. This compassion increases your willingness to stand in the midst of life and to go full for yourself.

11. Make mindfulness a playful everyday habit

Mindfulness means nothing more than to focus your attention not on the mind but to simply be aware of what you are doing and experiencing in this moment. Do it playfully, with interest and curiosity. Engage in direct experience with the impulses, images, sounds, bodily sensations, emotions, breath etc in that moment… If you walk, then walk with 100 percent attention, if you shower, feel the water, feel your hands caress your body, hear the hurtle of the water and enjoy the experience. Your attention moves more and more from the storm in your head to real life as it manifests in this moment. You will notice that in real life there is often a lot less drama than your head wants you to believe.

12. Meet the promises with yourself

Do you have something to do, do it, time and time again. Don’t procrastinate or not do it at all . By being faithful to yourself and keeping your own intentions, you increase your confidence in yourself and create a fresh, strong relationship with yourself. It’s nice to be able to count on someone and certainly if that someone is you!

Life is short, make it beautiful! Namaste

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