Healthy Happy people perform better

Work happiness has a clear positive effect on the performance and health of employees and therefore on those of organisations. Research indicates that performing and feeling happy at work go hand in hand.

At the same time, we see that the number of burn outs for employees, and especially for young people, increases every year. During a study of Metro magazine in June 2017, reasons for burn out for young employees are ‘the need to be eternally perfect in all areas of work’, ‘ uncertainty ‘, ‘ the pressure at work/internship is far too high because I can easily be replaced’ and ‘ too many choices at a young age ‘.

These are two worlds, which at first glance are often hard to distinguish. The employee has good results and if it the young employee is not doing well, one expects to hear about it. In reality, employees are often reluctant to go to their manager with their problems. Uncertainty and fear of failure indicate weakness, and that is precisely what an employee does not want to be associated with.

It is therefore very important to create a safe atmosphere in which employees can share these kinds of themes, so timely action can be taken to improve the balance and pleasure in the workplace again. Strong, confident and happy employees finally deliver better performance!

Through rebalancing, self-inquiry and coaching, the employee can regain contact with his/ her internal motivations and get back in action coming from this healthy source of strength and inspiration. Furthermore during the therapy process the employee can let go of whatever stops him from self empowerment. By cleaning up the system, more energy will become available for creativity, constructive cooperation and high performance in line with the healthy boundaries the employee can monitor and regulate.

Work related inquiries/Company Coaching

In case of a business inquiry, an offer will be prepared. This concerns customization and includes specific (price) agreements and goals about the desired guidance and results. The payment takes place afterwards after receipt of the invoice.

For employees, many employers are willing to pay for coaching and therapy. The costs are usually part of the terms of the employment package or are paid from the training budget. Ask your employer about the possibilities. Business rates apply when the employer pays the costs.

For self-employed entrepreneurs coaching is usually deductible as operating expenses. For more information, please visit the website of the tax authorities.

If you leave your information via the contact form, I will contact you soon to discuss the possibilities.

The number of burn-outs has risen sharply. 15 percent of Dutch women say they have or have had a burnout. Two years ago, this was still 9.4 percent. The number of burned or arched men increased from 6% to 9% in the same period.

The Volkskrant, Jonathan Witteman-