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    Project Description

    The path inward is the path out

    Self-Inquiry is a healing guided meditation on the chair. A meditation inward, to what is happening in you, in your body. In a friendly calm way at your own pace, we investigate. By becoming aware of what is going on, breathing towards the often contracted areas and giving space to the discharge of surplus locked-up energy, the energy will start flowing freely again and you will feel more and more relaxation and peace in your system.

    The energy that you previously used to keep the painful parts at bay, now flows again and has become available for you to use to your liking. This is freedom, this is enlightenment. Your frequency goes up, you start to feel happier and more energetic, you start to appreciate life more and you can relax more and more with who you are.

    This basic awareness is the beginning of healing from which we work. This is the beginning of a wonderful transformation to carefree, relaxed and pleasant life!

    We can do this inquiry in the practice, at your home or via Skype!

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